Modern Shower
Shower Repair & Installation

Firstcall Plumbing and Drain Services fully licensed and insured plumbers will deliver you the results you want with all your shower repair needs and shower installations requirements. A few examples of repairs we can make are, constantly running or dripping showers, unclogging shower drains, shower leaks and low pressure shower heads.

Showers being designed these days are getting more and more intricate, here are a few types for you to checkout, from pre-fab showers to custom showers, not to mention the shower “head” options like concealed showers head, exposed rain shower head, body shower sprayers, waterfall shower spouts.


Yes there is a lot to decide when designing your  new shower, but thankfully Firstcall Plumbing and Drain Services can help guide you through the design process and help you build your dream shower, or if you need a basic functioning shower, we can help you with that as well.

Give us a call today for your free quote and speak to one of our licensed plumbers over the phone.