Water Leak Detection & Repair

The most obvious water leaks are bathtubs, showers and hot water heaters, when you see a water stain on your ceiling, usually below a bathroom or your faucet and shower wont stop leaking, these issues will not go away, do not ignore them, these issues will only get worse and cost you more money to fix them down the road.


To avoid these costly mistakes it is critical to get these issues repaired properly as soon as possible to avoid more damage to not just your ceiling but also you personal belongings, plus your water bill is not cheap, let's be honest.

Regrettably, there are more types of water leaks you need to be aware of, for example water lines behind your walls, beneath your floors, in your ceiling, underground, kitchen drains, sink drains, bathroom drains, etc. If you think you have a leak but unsure and you would like to try it on your own. 


Follow these steps: 

first, make sure n water is running in your home. second, find you water meter and look for a little red triangle, is it spinning? 

If the answer is yes, you might have a slow leak, depending on fast the triangle is spinning. 

If the answer was no, then most likely you don't have a leak, but if for any reason you want to be 100% sure, call Firstcall Plumbing and Drain Services and ask for a plumber to come to you home to perform a water leak detection.


We will send our top detective, lol, not quite a detective but, a fully licensed and insured plumber with all the up to date technology to detect, repair or replace any source of leaks we may find. If by chance we don’t find any at all, we will make sure we provide you with all the reassurance you need and get back to your daily routine with out any worry.

Give us a call today for your free quote and speak to one of our licensed plumbers over the phone.